Saturday, February 6, 2010

Apple products and free Saturdays

We bought Robyn an iPhone, I've been begging her to buy one and get rid of her 'smart phone' that she has had for a few years. She seems happy with it, but Matt is VERY happy with it. Thursday morning Robyn went to get him out of his bed and the first thing he said to her was "Where is your phone mama?" I have a blackberry from work that is paid for, so I can't really justify the monthly bill, or the extra space to carry an iPhone, but I am also extremely jealous. After seeing how much Matt is entertained with the phone, and partially my jealousy, I went and bought an iPod Touch at Walmart, :) Its basically the iPhone without the phone portion, so I can load all the games and things on it and Matt and Ying can mess with it and if they break it, its 'Ok'. We're trying to bribe Matt with it for some potty time, which is working, but he doesn't generally do anything while on the potty, but at least he is sitting there. Ying will volunteer to sit on the potty, but she sits and point at the water and then says "DOWN".

She only has a few words that she can say, and most of them are a stretch, but she has that word down perfectly. It actually sounds like she is saying the word, its awesome.

We missed our doctor appointment for her ears last week because we were at the wrong location, so we head back on Feb 11th, hopefully to the right office, and will get word on her hearing and if we will need tubes. This will help us determine where we should be with speech too. If she has any hearing loss then that could ad to it, or she could just be delayed due to the whole cleft situation. We will see after next week, and hopefully get lined up for surgery this month or next.

Today is Saturday!! For the first time in a long while we don't have plans, nobody is sick, and there is no snow/ice covering the outside world. We are thinking about going to the MEGA gym that we are members of(Lifetime Fitness is anyone cares, we love it)and see how Ying handles the child care area. They have a toddler zone with tons of toys, and they have a little slide, playground area as well. Matt LOVES it, if we are even in the area he asks if we can go to the 'Gym Gym'. Matt could care less about us, and usually is standing at the little half-door waiting for it to be opened so he can get in a play. We have no idea how Ying will handle this though. In the morning at my parents house SHE will rush us out of the house. We get inside, take her coat off and she immediately starts puckering her lips for kisses and waving at us and saying "bye bye bye bye". Of course this is at Grammie's house of fun, and its a comfortable environment for her. Our main goal of the gym today though is to go swimming! Not for us, but the kids. Matt LOVES the water, and we need to get him setup with lessons, but we have no clue how Ying will react to the pool. I'd like to get them both setup in lessons, but if she is completely freaked out then we will have to wait a bit. She loves bath time, and she will copy brother when he blows bubbles in the tub, so I think she is going to have a blast. We need to remember to take the camera and see how all this goes I suppose, :)