Saturday, March 27, 2010

Post Surgery and Big Brother B-Days

Well, its been a few days since we had tubes and the hearing test done. Things went well as far as the little one being 'ok'. Unfortunately they could only get 1 tube put in her ear, as the other one was too small. I didn't know that was even a possibility, especially since we had been to the ENT 3 times previous to the surgery. They also performed a hearing test on her while she was sedated, which checks the nerve response in her ears. Our doctor was not happy with this either, saying that the tests were actually WORSE than the ones we did while she was awake in the audio room. So she didn't really have a good answer for how much hearing loss Ying may have. We go back in about 3-4 weeks for a follow-up and hopefully to get our next surgery setup. They also got us in line with the hearing aide group so that if we need to go that route we will already be in the system. With this news, the last few days have consisted of me and mommy messing with Ying. Generally making noises on one side of her or the other to see if we can tell what she may have issues with. REAL scientific I assure you. I've scared her more than once sneaking up behind her and making noises. The problem we have, and the same thing we had at the doctor's office is that we can't tell if she can't hear the noises, or just doesn't really care. The people who gave the test said thats a common issue with young kids and there isn't much you can do about it. She is doing great though other than being messed with by us. She didn't have any issues afterwards, and was up and ready to go by the time we got home from the hospital.

March 31st will be Matt's birthday. He is kind of excited, I'm not sure he gets the whole birthday thing yet. I imagine after this year it will click. I think a trip to build-a-bear and Chuck-e-Cheese will make him extremely happy, and hopefully tired. We aren't doing any big party things yet, just a small family thing next weekend so people can do the generic present/cake thing. Matt likes to make food though, and has been asking to make a chocolate cake. We may do cup cakes, or maybe a whole cake, I don't know yet. He likes to stir and help pour or hold things. We will probably buy a few things of sprinkles and frosting and let him decorate it up a bit. He will probably go crazy with that.

I am still looking for a vacation for all of us too, nothing yet, :( I've looked at middle-TN cabins, all the way to Jamaica and Panama. I think we could handle a 4-5 hour flight, but we haven't decided on anything yet. I would like to go somewhere unique, and some place that we won't be bored after a couple of days. I'd love to do a cruise, but wifey has put a veto on the cruising until the kids are potty trained.

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