Sunday, August 15, 2010

The worst BLOG ever

Wow, no updates, no pictures, this blog is pretty awful I have to admit. I think I will start trying to do a regular update, I shall even put a reminder on my calendar, :P We have so many things going on, so its not that I don't have a ton of things to write about.

So fast update: Everyone is doing great! Ying's mouth has healed up well, and we are scheduled to get speech therapy lined up in the next few weeks. She is also having her first birthday with us on August 30th! She will be 3 years old, and she freaking knows and acts like it. Matt is also doing great. They both started pre-school up last week and LOVE it. Matt even asked to go on Saturday. They are in the same class together, and the teachers said they are doing well. We have been home with sister for about 9 months now, and the kids are doing great together. They used to be more like associates that saw each other at the play table or in the hall. They were much more civilized initially. Now it is full on brother and sister mode. "MINE!" "NO!" and "Sorry Ying."(which sounds nice, but it usually means she is crying at this point) Ying still isn't speaking alot, but 'mine' and 'no' and 'MATT!' are pretty solid for her.

I will post more Monday, as that will start my attempt at a regularly scheduled update day.

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Grumpwurst (Ray) said...

Don't feel too bad, we are just as bad with our blog ;)

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