Monday, August 23, 2010

Adoptiversary....Its a word now!

Tomorrow will mark the 9 month milestone of our little Ying joining our family. This isn't a major milestone, but it helps put into perspective how far she has come in such a short period of time. Adoption folks have a few events they celebrate outside the normal birthday, and holidays. 'Gotcha Day' is a big one, and for us it was November 24, 2009. I'm sure our family will always remember that day now, it was an awesome day. We were very nervous and excited to see this kid we'd only heard about, and seen pictures of. It was one of the most stressful things I have ever done. Even with the information we had on this little monkey, there was no way to know if everything was accurate, or if there would be further issues to deal with. For us, there weren't, it was perfect, she was exactly what we were expecting, and more. She is also turning 3 this month, her birthday party is on the 29th, and her actual birthday will be on the 30th. This will be her first birthday with us. All we had last year were pics of the cake and gifts we sent to the orphanage. This year we get to take the pics and send them to China. I'm sure all her caretakers back in China will love to see more pics of their little Ying. The other date that is often marked is the day when you exceed the time spent with your forever family vs being in an orphanage with caretakers. Not a huge deal, but many people celebrate this date. Ying still has about 2 years left until she hits that mark, I can't imagine what she will even be like by then, :)

As stated above, after next Mondays birthday we will have a set of 3 year olds in the house. At 3 we are both potty trained, for the most part. Matt still uses a pullup at night, but he has been mostly dry the last several days. Last night was the first time he actually woke up(around midnight) and asked to go to the potty. Ying on the other hand apparently just holds it all night. She has been waking up dry every morning for as long as we have had her home, so she has been wearing big girl panties for quite a while. She doesn't seem to think she can get out of her bed if her door is closed, which is fine with us, but still kind of odd. When we open the door after naps, or to get up in the morning she hops right up. The pre-school teachers seemed surprised they were potty trained and in underwear, which we thought was odd, because we were under the impression that we were behind the curve on potty training. At least now when we hit 4 years old we can go on the Disney Cruise and they will qualify for the day care program! Kids, into wonderland, Mommy and Daddy off to do WHATEVER WE WANT!

We went to a birthday party this weekend and Matt was fearless. It was at a place that head some foam pits, and trampolines, and a zip line. The kids would get hooked up in harnesses and could chose a few different things to do.


There was a big foam pit that you could run up a ramp and jump into. Matt loved it, Ying would get on the edge and just lower herself in carefully. Mat also got hooked up to some bungees and jumped on the trampoline. Ying tried it too, but she didn't weigh enough and the bungee straps just kind of suspended her in the air, lol. She did enjoy just jumping on the trampoline though, so she was quite content. They also had a zip line, and Matt of course let them hook him up and swing him back and forth on it. He loved it, mainly because it was dangerous, :p Ying's birthday party is going to be at Pump-It-Up this weekend, which will be alot of inflatable moon bounces and slides, so he will get to run wild there as well. Ying will likely want mom or dad to go through most of the mazes and slides though, :) She is a little ore cautious about things, and isn't fully up to par with Matt's physical abilities.

Next post should be birthday pics and info, yay!!! We have less than 2 month until Disney too, and Matt is getting excited(Mom and Dad are too), and Ying has no idea what we are talking about yet, :) We still attempt to post everything to Flickr, and just got our Mac back last week, so we have just started upload pics again.


Jen said...

Glad to see your blogging again! Zoe just turned three last month and two weeks before her 3rd birthday she finally decided she was ready to be potty trained and this is all while were all on a trip to Disney. It feels so good not to have any kids in diaphers!!! Hope she has the best birthday ever!!!!!

JnJ said...

Ha, thanks Jen, I never seem to remember to check the comments on here! You and a few other of the RQ adoption folks inspired me to try and regularly blog again.

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