Monday, August 16, 2010


Matt asked me what metamorphosis meant last night when I was putting him back in bed. I was trying to figure out where he heard the word, probably TV or something. It kind of caught me off guard, the words are usually much easier, or some word he already know like "dog". I told him it meant 'to change'. Many times he asks how to spell them as well, but he didn't, and I am glad, because I would have needed a pen and pad to write it out, lol. He is somewhat scary smart on occasion. Robyn can write out sentences and he can read most of them, even uses context clues and sounds out words to figure it out. He will randomly point out words on signs or buildings too, "That car says 'Yellow' on it."

He never sleeps either. Naps are almost gone for him sadly. He may take a nap 1-2 times a week it seems. He stays up late too. Ying will go to sleep at 7:30pm if we put her down, and she loves her naps. Matt on the other hand will stay up until 9 or 10. He will get to a point where he will actually want to go to sleep, but until then he is coming downstairs or playing in his room. We've taken the doorknob locks off their doors, so he can come and go as he wants. We attempted to put him back every time he would come out, but that just turned into a game. We have tried to let him sit with us on the couch and watch whatever we are watching, and that works sometimes. A lot of the time we are working out on the treadmill or a yoga mat and he will have to sit and watch us exercise. Usually he makes comments while we do that too. Robyn was doing jumping jacks and he asked "Mama are you trying to fly?" Generally we send him back upstairs before we are done and he will go to sleep, but some nights its really irritating.

Ying has stayed up a few times with us, but she is funny. She will actually exercise with us. I was doing a Jillian Michaels torture video and Robyn pointed out that she was doing all the movements with me while on the couch. She is very coordinated at some things, and others she seems to be completely retarded. We can turn the on-demand cable stuff on and set it to the kids yoga videos and she will do them all day. She loves it, and its really funny to watch her do them. Matt sits on the couch and watches her, I can't seem to get him to hop down and try it with her.

We are also prepping for Disney World. We're going in October, and everyone is super excited. Matt keeps talking about all the things he is going to show sister, and how she will be afraid of the fireworks. I have been trying to show them different Disney movies so that they will have a more well rounded experience. When we went last year, Matt didn't really know who half the characters were, so hopefully this year we will be better off on that front.

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McCryssy said...

WTG, Matt!! It's so much fun watching them learn and ask questions.
Have you thought about dance or gymnastics for Ying? I bet she'd do well and really enjoy it.

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