Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Crazy Kids

I know this will sound bias since I work at FedEx, but I LOVE to see our planes flying in the air. It just seems cool to me. Our complex is under a regular air route I guess because they are flying over all day. Thats my plug for work I suppose.

We may have a problem with stuffed animals. Part of that starts with Mom and Dad. I maintain its mainly Mom, and not me, but she will probably disagree. Matt and Ying both have a TON of these things. Matt always had a little bear blanket that he slept with as a baby/toddler. He used to require it to sleep, but not so much these days. He doesn't seem to have a clear favorite any longer, it fluctuates throughout the day. Usually the only one he 'needs' is the one single animal that is at the grandparents house or in the car. He keeps up with his inventory pretty well. Within the last couple of weeks he has started filling his bed at night with these critters. He used to wander into our room in the mornings with a few(2-5) friends that he had been sleeping with, but not any more. His entire entourage of plushie goodness has to come with him now.

The last few days the above is what rolls into our bedroom. Its a little creepy too, because the wheel has an eerie squeak when he is coming to our room. He was initially wanting to transplant them all into our bed to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, but we talked him into just leaving them in the party wagon. Ying usually just drags in her Minnie Mouse or her newly acquired Hello Kitty frog, Keroppi Hasunoue.


This is the worlds greatest dog. My wife will be happy I said that. Kyla is EXTREMELY patient with the kids. She doesn't get enough attention from us any more, due to chasing the kids. The kids freaking love her though. The other dog, Mishka, simply comes inside and hides from them, as she is a little older, and doesn't want to deal with all the 'love' that the kids want to give her. The kids are constantly messing with Kyla. Matt loves to chase her around the house with the baby stroller, or the laundry basket. He falls down laughing hysterically when she is barking and takes the basket/stroller from him.  On top of all that, our yard guy, and pest control people are terrified of her because she has a very mean bark and is fairly protective of the house/yard area, although we've never seen her nip/bite anyone.

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