Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Yin and Yang AKA Matt and Ying

Our kids are crazy. There, I said it. Nothing in particular set that off, its just the case a lot of the time, :P

We had a good week, and a good holiday weekend. Friday night after Chinese class Matt specifically asked to go to Cracker Barrel. We have no idea why. We don't go there very often, and they don't have anything he LOVES to eat, not that we could think of. I tried to get him to wait until Saturday morning and told him we could do breakfast, but he was quite set on dinner. "No, lets go now." I didn't want to waste one of my 'eat terrible food' meals there, but he never asks for anything in the way of food, so we went. It was nice, he and sister were pretty good, and since I had blown my calorie count for the day we even went to Dairy Queen afterwards!(I sound like a woman, great)

Saturday we went to the Botanic Gardens for the first time, and both kids LOVED it. They have the typical flower/plant/tree areas of course, and the kids were ok with that, running around and having fun. There is a Japanese garden that has a big pond with Koi in it. They REALLY liked the fish, and when the fish see you come up to certain areas of the pond they will swarm because they think you have food. I was extremely worried that one of them would fall in. Well, let me clarify that. I was worried Ying would fall in, and I was worried Matt would simply get in on his own. The gardens also has an area called "The Big Backyard" which is several areas for the kids to play in. There were some slides, and some little play houses, and instruments to bang on, so of course the kids were all about it. There is even a little area by a pond that 'rains' every 30 minutes or so. Thunder and lightning noises play for a few seconds and then the misters and sprinklers spray for a couple of minutes. Matt was running around wild, and laid doing at one point, I guess to get the full impact of the rain. Ying had her ear plugs in, and was a little more cautious about it. She would get in for a second, and then run back out to the perimeter and watch. For dinner we left and hit up TGIF for dinner. The kids were absolutely exhausted, I LOVE when they look tired. There were some power naps taken on the way to Fridays, but when presented with food they were ready to go. Matt immediately was excied seeing where we were. He is like a little tour guide, pointing out EVERYTHING we drive past. "Thats Walgreens, the car wash place is over there, my doctor is over there." He has his mother's sense of direction, as I can barely find my way out of the neighborhood.

Here is how our meal worked, and pretty much, this is how EVERY meal works. Matt gets chicken strips, and Ying gets a hamburger. She hates fried foods. Matt won't try anything new, exclaiming "I don't like it!" before he even tastes it. Ying will try just about anything. Matt we have to ration his chicken to make sure he eats some vegetables or whatever side he has. Ying, we have to ration the vegetables and make her eat the protein. Robyn got a tomato and mozzarella side and Ying went crazy for that. We had to bargain bites of the burger for bites of tomato. Her meal came with oranges, but as soon as the guy brought them out I snagged them because thats all she would want. I suppose its kind of retarded, I feel like we are making her eat bad sometimes, because she would happily eat fruit/vegetables all day and never touch anything else.

As much as they are opposites on food, the same thing for sleeping. Ying will go to bed at 7:30pm every night if we put her down. Matt on the other hand stays up, and up, and up. Its driving is mad. Last night I told him he could come downstairs and watch Dr.Who with me while I did some treadmill time. He said "I don't like Dr. Who, lets watch netflix Blues Clues.", to which I told him that this was mommy and daddy tv time, and Dr. Who was the show. He laid on the couch with Robyn and went to sleep about 9pm, which is usually about as early as he turns in. The treadmill rhythm may have helped, or maybe the show was boring, but he went to sleep. Ying usually wakes up every day by 8am if we aren't getting up earlier. The strange thing about her, she still will not get out of her bed after naptime or in the morning. We aren't sure why, and its not due to the fact that she can't get out. If we open her door, she is all smiles, and "Hey!" and jumps right out. Even seeing us open the door doesn't have have anything to do with it, we open their doors when we wake up in the morning, and let them wake up on their own. Ying will usually come strolling in with her stuff cat, all smiles and "HEY!". Yesterday she was crying and I went in to get her and she was freaking out and point to her pants and saying "POTTY POTTY". She apparently had a very little accident and was upset, but she still wouldn't get out of her bed. Matt tends to sleep in, and will get up randomly and has no issues opening his door. This morning he came and got in bed with us at 5:30am, lol.

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