Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mooncakes and Roombas

I'm a big geek, so of course I bought a Roomba a while back. Then I bought another one, :) For a really long time I didn't bother running them because toys were usually EVERYWHERE in the morning, or we didn't want to hear them whirring around. Lately we have kept up with the toy explosions, and everyday Matt asks to turn on the Roombas. The strange thing is, he is sort of terrified of them. He won't turn them on, and the floor turns to hot lava which he can't stay on, so he spends a lot of time on the couch or in a chair yelling at them to clean. Still, the last several days he has asked to turn them on. Ying couldn't care less, she will go over and unplug them and hit the start buttons and co-exists with them. They bump into her and she doesn't really pay any attention to them at all. Of course today as soon as we walk in the house "LETS TURN ON ROOMBA!". So as I write this, there are two of the guys running the downstairs gambit that is our house. They actually work for what I wanted them, which was dog hair that gathered along the perimeter of the rooms.

Last Friday we went to a new Chinese place for dinner. I mainly wanted to see if the had dim sum, which they do, but they only serve it until about 3:30pm. Real Chinese places have 2 menus. A menu for the Americans, which is all the general sweet and sour fried rice basics. In my opinion its usually pretty boring food for the most part. Most of the time you have to ask for the second menu, and if the place is REALLY hardcore, the menu is in Mandarin, in which case I'm screwed, :)  Anyways, we sat down, and I had on a t-shirt that I got in China that is a very well known propaganda poster-boy for Chinese communism. Oh yea, and we also had a Chinese kid with us. Either way they waiter brought us out both menus. I was pretty happy about it. The food was good, and wifey even ventured past 'chicken fried rice' and got Bacon/Raisin/Cucumber/Pineapple fried rice.

It was pretty interesting, and the kids seemed to like it ok. 

We also hit up the Asian market to get some moon cakes. This was the first time we were going to officially observe the Moon Festival, and we figured the kids would love to do it. We bought the cakes, which they had tons to choose from. I was surprised how nice looking the packaging and cakes were.

We went outside after dinner and let the kids take the box out and get it ready to eat. I wasn't sure Matt would go for the cakes, he is a little picky, and especially since Chinese 'deserts' are not really sweet compared to ours. We got them unwrapped, and as you can see they are pretty big. Packed full of calories too, per the label. Each cake was 6 servings at 202 calories each serving! They are quite heavy and dense. Both of the monkeys seemed to like them though.

They had a blast, it was dark, they had treats, and ran around acting goofy. Afterwards we went upstairs and got pajama'd and attempted to read Chang'e and Hou Yi, a cute traditional story about the moon. Neither of the, wanted to sit through it really, and it lacked in pictures, so we zipped through it and put them to bed. Maybe next year, :P

Lastly, because I can, here is a pre-school morning with daddy, its business casual day.

Note the pinky finger, its all about etiquette with pancake-on-a-stick. 

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kt said...

This is awesome! I love getting updates on the kids. You know, my mom (Aunt Bonnie) is/was childhood friends with one of the Roomba inventors. Bet that will impress Matt & Ying ;). Also, I actually got out of class for the Moon festival because all of my classmates here are from China. Woo hoo!

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